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Hyperpigmentation Treatment - Remove Dark Skin Patches

Whether you have fair or dark skin or something in between, here’s our guide to the best solutions for the form of hyperpigmentation treatment that’s affecting you.

Remove Dark Skin Patches

It can be frustrating to deal with acne itself, and then to make things worse, the aftermath can leave you with brown or red scars that take forever to go away. 

The way we deal with marks and acne overall is typically the same for all skin tones, but for hyperpigmentation of skin, certain types of scarring affect certain skin tones more than others.
So, when we talk about acne scars and lump them all together under one umbrella, this makes treatment difficult since there are several different types. 

Below, we break down the different types of hyperpigmentation, who they affect, and the best ways to treat them.

What Is It? What Are Causes or Signs?

Hyperpigmentation can be an annoying consequence of physical factors internal and external factors that may include hormonal changes, exposure to the sun, skin type, trauma, and natural aging process of the skin.

Presenting as tone areas uneven skin, the Dark Age spots, or freckles, pigmentation occurs when excess melanin a skin pigment has stimulated.

Factors that may contribute to this process divide into external triggers, internal and genetic:
Sun damage
  • Genetics
  • Hormones/Pregnancy
  • Skin trauma/Injury
  • Environmental changes
  • Uric acid (sweat burn)
Often, different areas of the skin can become darker than the surrounding skin, resulting in an uneven appearance. Some of the most common hyperpigmentation causes include:

Sun Exposure

The primary function of melanin is to absorb the harmful rays of the sun. Too much sun exposure and the skin produce dark spots as a method to protect it. Short wave ultraviolet light causes epidermal pigment cells to increase melanin formation. 

Dr. Subhashini, a hyperpigmentation Doctor in Aurora Street, explains that sunspots are more visible, and this process takes several days to a week to be noticeable chemically.

A pervasive form of dark spots is known as melisma. These are believed to be caused by the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Pregnancy, birth control, and even hormone replacement therapy can be some of the more common causes of melasma in women. 

Skin Trauma

Wounding or injury to the skin causes vigorous proliferation. Some examples: scratches, abrasions, lacerations, waxing burns, excessive extractions, razor bumps from in-grown hairs, and scars from acne blemishes.

Popular Hyperpigmentation Treatments

1. Topical Ingredients

 Hydroquinone - suppresses pigmentation by blocking the activity of tyrosinase. Side effects are rare but can include mild skin irritation. When used in combination with a corticosteroid cream, the effectiveness increases.

Glycolic acid – an acid derived from sugar cane that is used to help dissolve the bonds that hold skin cells together. When the bonds are dissolved from between the surface dead skin cells, they slough off, revealing new fresh skin. 

Kojic Acid - Most commonly derived from mushrooms and is a mild inhibitor in the formation of pigment. It’s a popular ingredient in products that help to lighten skin. 

2. Chemical Peels

One of the universal services in the skincare industry, peels can range from very mild enzymes to more advanced and powerful combinations of acids. Many types of peels will help to remove dead skin cells, while some will also act as a skin brightener.  

3. Microdermabrasion

The treatment involves a facial skin of vacuum massage, which combines with either aluminum oxide crystals, which are beaten through the skin by removing dead skin cells.

4. Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing cures are for texture, tone, and elasticity. These treatments can be very mild and only treat the very top layers of the skin and deliver noticeable results on a small scale with virtually no downtime.

 No matter the cause of a person’s hyperpigmentation, there are options for treatment. Dr. Subhashini is skin care professionals who have access to the hyperpigmentation clinic dark circles and procedures that can help reduce and virtually eliminate troublesome dark spots. 

Every skincare client has unique needs, so with exceptional services, Dr. Subhashini treats each person that is based on their skin type, type of hyperpigmentation, and their budget.

About the Expert

Dr. Subhashini is a brainchild of EMC clinic, a local best & most experienced hyperpigmentation clinic Aurora Street. 

Dr. Subhashini specializes in aesthetics, well-being, and beauty treatments that give you beyond compare results. 

At EMC Clinic, Dr. Subhashini believes skin is the only passion. She offers complimentary skin consultations, where you’re able to conduct an in-depth skin analysis under a special light to identify specific areas of concern.

If you require treatment for your post hyperpigmentation, please call at +91 8978788108. You can book a complimentary consultation at EMC hyperpigmentation clinic address 8-3-1060/B4. Sagar Society, Sri Nagar Colony, Aurora Colony Banjara Hills. Hyderabad. Telanganatoday to see how we can help you achieve your goals! 


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