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6 Study Techniques to Learn Better and Faster

Learning study techniques whether you are a child, teenager or adults is essential to learn better and faster, and of course to succeed in exams. I will explain to you methods that are used for primary school, university, oppositions If you make them a habit and also study in the right way, you will see great results.

Sometimes we think that studying hard means studying better, acquiring more knowledge and achieving higher academic results, however, this is not quite so. Obviously, the more hours we spend studying more time we will give our brains to acquire knowledge, but this does not guarantee us a  better result.

Like practically everything in life, the really important thing is not what we do but how we do it. So, if your academic results are not as good as you would like or note that it is difficult for you to acquire knowledge, ask yourself this question: Am I studying well?

Below I mention general 6 study techniques to learn better and faster

Types of effective study techniques

Organization of the study.

The first requirement for your study to be productive in that it contains a structure. You will never study properly if you do it without any organization and if you are reading and looking at things in no order. Then, before starting, organize the topic you are going to study, what you have to learn and how you are going to do it. For this, the best technique is to set goals.

For example: during this week, I have to study the whole topic 4, so today I will study the first 5 pages until I know them perfectly, tomorrow the next 5 and Thursday the last 5. With this simple organization of time and content, you become perfect on that topic. also You will already acquire a meaning, a purpose and know what you have to learn. If your study pace is slow or you need more time than expected to learn some aspects, nothing happens, adapt the objectives to your skills, do it more slowly if you need it, but do it in an organized way.

Previous concentration

Once you have a well organized time and study the content, the next thing you should do is prepare. and that is nothing more than making sure you have the necessary concentration so that when you start studying you don't have the mind thinking about other things and you are really attentive to what you are doing. For this, the first thing you should do is create your study space. Try to have an orderly, clean, quiet space and in which there are no elements that can easily distract you, such as mobile devices, the Internet, television, etc.

Pre-Reading Extension

When you start studying, don't do it "crazy" and follow a specific methodology. To begin, the most useful is to carry out a previous expansion reading. And what is this? Well, it consists of reading in general and more or less quickly all the content you want to study during the day without paying much attention to detail. This exercise is ideal to underline the most important things you read and acquire a general meaning of the agenda.

Study with energy and without hunger

Being hungry will distract you and leave you without energy, which will make concentration much more difficult. Therefore, it is very important to have breakfast or lunch before starting to study. Among other foods, almonds and fruits are good options.

Comprehensive reading

Once you have finished the general reading, you will have to do a complete reading. The full reading, as the name implies, should allow you to understand all the concepts contained in the agenda. Therefore, this reading should be slower than the previous one, stopping and examining those parts that are more difficult for you to understand and making sure that you do not look to review.
But beware! That we understand everything does not mean that we have to memorize everything. With this reading, the objective is to understand not to memorize, since if we try to memorize everything at once it will be impossible, this reading will help us to keep the whole agenda clear and obviously to learn several things about what we are reading. , but it is not necessary to remember everything, this we will do next.

Exercise or go for a walk before the exams.

An investigation conducted at the University of Illinois showed evidence that 20 minutes of exercise before an exam can improve performance. On many occasions, I have been playing tennis the day before the exams, and that helped me not to get too stressed and even take it away from that.
As I had studied for at least 1 month almost daily, I already had the knowledge in the long-term memory and would not forget the exam if I were calm.
In my opinion, it is a general error, both in parents and students, to think that the day of the exam or the previous day must be bitter, without going out and studying throughout the day. He does not pass the exam the previous day, he passes it during all the hours that have passed the previous months or weeks.


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  3. There are many things you have to follow to Studying Effectively. The first thing you have to keep in mind to make a study plan. Start from the subjects in which you are not quite good & study hard on those subjects. Take breaks while studying because the continuous study will decrease your interest in learning. Yes, it is an important point that you share with us "Exercise or go for a walk before the exams" but I think not only in exams you have to regularly exercise or go for a walk daily because it keeps your brain fresh & healthy. Studying is important to your success. By having a solid plan, you will be able to make the most of your study sessions and will be able to master any subject that has been put in front of you.


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