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Life after renal transplant

Is normal life possible after the transplant

Once it has been asserted that kidneys have failed or are not working as they should, the patient is left with two alternatives as treatment to stay alive: kidney transplant or dialysis therapy (either peritoneal or hemodialysis). 
Kidney transplant, even though being a major surgery with a phased recovery period, offer the opportunity for a longer and more satisfying life. Most patients after the transplant have reported having more energy and a less restricted diet and very few complications as far as their health is concerned. They are more likely to return to their work after recovery and live life just like a normal human being with appropriate lifestyle changes and healthy adjustments.
However, the key to minimize complications and lead a healthy life is moderation and understanding your limits. The patient might feel less energetic than he/she did before surgery. The body takes time to heal and adjust to new medications. Therefore, the patient should take necessary precautions to prevent placing a strain on their recovery.During the post-transplant phase, some major changes are needed to be inculcated and adhered to by the patient in order to recover without having to go through severe health issues, which are as follows: 
  • Exercise should become an important part of the patient’s routine. It helps the patient maintain overall good physical and mental health.
  • Regular self examination and medical check ups are recommended to keep track of the recovery as well as diagnosing the effect of  medications on the patient’s body. 
  • Annual flu vaccines should be given to the patient in order to ensure they don’t conceive any disease dampening their recovery or even obstruct it altogether.
  •  It is not recommended for the patient to drive for at least two to three weeks after the transplant and should only begin after speaking to the transplant team.
  • Likewise, the patient should not travel for the first few months of the recovery phase in order to evade various complications that they might come across. 
  • Cancer is a leading cause of death after transplantation and smoking increases the risk of cancer affecting the blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen and leading to little or no healing. Thus, it is strongly recommended that the patient does not smoke.
  • Sexuality is an important aspect of who you are as a person and plays a decisive role in your life. After the transplant, medications may affect the patient’s sexual functions. It can be evaded by talking to the transplant team and even a counselor can be helpful.
While a kidney may allow a better quality of life, free from dialysis, it is not the end of the business. It is an ongoing treatment which requires a lifetime commitment on the patient’s part. Each patient’s recovery is different and may take different span of time accordingly. 

Is Ayurveda truly a reliable substitute for the transplant?

CRF (chronic renal failure) is an irreversible malfunction in the renal system which develops over a period of time with loss of the excretory, metabolic and endocrine functions. It leads to the development of clinical symptoms and signs of renal failure.
Chronic renal failure is a global threat today in general and for developing parts of the world in particular, as the therapy is expensive and lifelong with no assurance of its success altogether. It is evident by the fact that about 80% of the patients in India cannot afford the cost of treatment. Social and economical limitations in the large part of the population forces them to go for other more accessible alternatives which may prove to be a lost bargain with dire consequences.


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